Fourteen songs of life and love tempered by loss from the Beehive Queen of blue-eyed rock n' soul, in a style Rolling Stone's Dave Marsh calls "Contemporary Rock R&B." Co-produced by Andy York (John Mellencamp) with Rebel Montez: Cliff Goodwin (guitars); Michael Colbath (bass), and Larry Donahue (drums). Featured are duets with Dion, Ian Hunter, and Marshall Crenshaw, plus guest appearances by Levon Helm, G.E. Smith, Big Al Anderson, Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, Catherine Russell, Shawn Pelton, the Asbury Juke Horns w/ Mark Rivera, Mitch Chakour, Jeff Kazee, and Vic Steffens.

It is Ohlman's first CD of new work since 2003's Strip; her recording hiatus follows the deaths of both longtime mate and producer Doc Cavalier and Rebel Montez guitarist/founding member Eric Fletcher (a pristine radio air shot of Ohlman with Fletcher is one of the CD's bonus cuts).


"There are so many 'wow' moments"- Dave Marsh, SIRIUS/XM Radio personality / Rolling Stone editor emeritus

"Tough, tender, thoughtful and sassy-- R-E-A-L, as Sam Phillips was wont to say."- Peter Guralnick, Award-Winning Author and Musicologist (Last Train To Memphis, Sweet Soul Music)

"Whatever she touches becomes soulful and passionate. Ohlman always sounds like her born-to-be-bad self, belting out songs like the spitfire she is. It's that swagger combined with tenderness that makes her so compelling...the perfect balance of raw soul and gutsy rock.  Perhaps the most powerful and potent moment is the title track, a gospel-infused swamp ballad that seems autobiographical, especially when she sings that she's 'hard to handle, the excitable kind/take off runnin' when I could've walked.' Ohlman never flinches from the hard stuff and throughout The Deep End, she dives in like the classic soul kings and queens she idolizes." - Hal Horowitz, The All Music Guide

"Ohlman and Rebel Montez concoct a Soul atmosphere as thick and palpable as a humid Southern night. Ohlman’s voice is a dusky, supple thing of dark Soul beauty, like a genre splice of Dusty Springfield and Delbert McClinton. She sells the album’s handful of covers with aching authenticity, from her duets with Marshall Crenshaw on the Marvin Gaye/Mary Wells classic “What’s the Matter with You Baby” and with the incomparable Dion on “Cry Baby Cry.” But the standouts on The Deep End are Ohlman’s stunning originals, which blister and soothe in equal measure."- Brian Baker, Cincinnati CityBeat

"The Beehive Queen has never sounded better"- Andrew Loog Oldham, Producer, The Rolling Stones / SIRIUS/XM Radio personality

"The Deep End insists on telling the truth until it alters perceptions of love and loss and how it all works, especially when it falls apart so tragically as that which produced this work of art. Here comes the sun, healing and transcendent."

"The husky-voiced singer is a full-package talent, a dynamic rocker who draws on soul and blues in ways that give her music a classic feel even as it pulses with her own personality. Make no mistake: If Ian Hunter, Dion DiMucci, Marshall Crenshaw, Levon Helm, G.E. Smith, Big Al Anderson, and Eric Ambel draw you into The Deep End, it's Ohlman who ends up making the biggest impression. As in: 'Wow'." - Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer (syndicated)

"She of the beehive hairdo and the Saturday Night Live Band brings the ringing endorsement of Charlie Musselwhile to her excitedly sung and enjoyable roots-rock songs"- Downbeat

"As a singer, Ohlman makes each song sound like a prime cut on a jukebox in a Memphis barbecue joint. Hit(s) the sweet spot, straight and true." -Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Expect this album to pepper a few best-of lists in December. The songs on The Deep End draw as much upon gospel and urban doo-wop as they do blues and Americana. “I surrender to the rhythm in my blood”, Ohlman sings in 'Like Honey'. Me too, Christine, me too.” –Bill Holmes,

“Christine Ohlman and her band Rebel Montez have just released their sixth studio album, The Deep End, to what will undoubtedly be rave critical acclaim. Let it begin here. It’s staggering!"  - Reb Landers,

"Ohlman turns out the best blue-eyed soul of her career...'The Gone of You' fully exhibits how much grief a blues-drenched heart can bear. The whole history of soul music can be heard here, reflected in a passionate life--or two."  - Dave Marsh, Rock & Rap Confidential

"Don’t let the beehive hair or glammed-up persona fool you. Christine Ohlman can deliver the goods. With a delivery that carries all the joy of early rock and roll, Ohlman owns the voice of choice for every style from edgy blues to tender R&B to sweet country to bittersweet singer-songwriter". - Blues Revue -  June/July 2010

"The record, like any good bit of love, has layers, not so much warning as perhaps honest admission - or perhaps undersanding - of love's varied means and ends. In fact, the blues isn't always about being sad, but simply allowing room for the myriad reaches and complexities of emotion." - Kim Ruehl,

"On [The Deep End] the theme of love is very heavy. What is really astounding is the depth of love that is discussed."  -  Kyle Palarino, Blueswax

"There's a wondrous familiarity and traditionalism in Christine Ohlman's old-school, rough-hewn, Southern-soul roots rock..(she) is loyal and true to her roots while setting herself audacious new challenges: deeply impressive." - Chris Arnott, The Advocate, New Haven, CT

"On her latest record, seasoned R&B chanteuse Christine Ohlman writes and sings about human interactions, from irresistible sex to true love and, ultimately, unbelievable loss.  There’s never a doubt that Ohlman is singing from an experienced heart." - Kay Cordtz, Elmore Magazine

“[Ohlman] sings in a gutsy rock ‘n’ roll voice edged in soul and blues, part Bonnie Raitt and part Genya Raven, with an element of Van Morrison’s early wildness. Her throwback sound combines the romanticism of Brill Building pop and horn-fed Stax muscle (courtesy of the Asbury Jukes’ Chris Anderson and Neal Pawley) into a potent rock ‘n’ roll stew. Ohlman’s band is similarly road-tested (the bass of Michael Colbath is particularly notable).” -

"If you give "The Deep End" a spin, you'll be an Ohlman fan for life. (4 stars)" - The Daily News, McKeesport, PA (Pittsburgh Metro)

"The “Beehive Queen” is a hard rocking Memphis soul fueled dynamo, and The Deep End may be her finest album yet...absolutely beautiful." - Michael Buffalo Smith, Gritz Magazine

“In its original form, rock n' roll was a blend of blues, country and gospel. Christine Ohlman practices rock the old-fashioned way. Like the music she makes, Ohlman seems timeless.” – Eric Danton, The Courant /Hartford, CT   

"'Cry Baby Cry' (a duet with Dion) ought to be blasting out of a '55 Chevy radio on a hot summer night"   – Wayne Blesdoe, Knoxville News-Sentinel

“I do have a favorite, however, and it’s another example of the cache that Christine Ohlman carries within the music world… enlisting the services of rock legend Dion DiMucci to sing with Ohlman on the gospel-tinged ‘Cry Baby Cry’ is a great touch.” – Reb Landers,

"A perfect concoction of musicianship and road weary soaked vocals....making the disc a solid listen is the wonderful group of musicians, Rebel Montez, who really add an exceptional backing groove to these 15 tracks and gives it an A-plus sheen. The Deep End is a diamond in the rough." - Carl Cortez, iF Magazine 

"Ohlman exudes rock and soul authenticity from her wailing vocals to her beehive hairdo..a confident, cool  and street-savy diva."  – M Music and Musicians (successor to Performing Songwriter)

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